Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Work Log (Since August)

Logo for my friend's radio show

Logo for a Youtube broadcast

Spot illustrations for the Winthrop University Newspaper

Poster for a lecture series on the book of Revelation

T-shirt for CCC of University of North Carolina at Wilmington (apologies to Hendrix for the inspiration)

T-shirt for BCM Winthrop

NYC Tribeca Project T-shirt (from July)


hake pagino said...

holy cow, stephen...that revelations poster is awesome. there's a huge passion behind that stuff and it shows

Chevalier said...

wow great stuff, especially just starting out! keep at it. is that pen work, or illustrator? if it's pen work and you haven't yet dabbled in adobe illustrator, school will probably get you into it - and you'll love it! again, nice design and balance of space.