Monday, September 1, 2008

The Next Step - New Orleans

This is the community in New Orleans where I'll be moving very soon. I'm going to be spending the next year or so with as an Artist in Residence with St. Roch Community Church. My thoughts and emotions have been very mixed today. I've just moved away from my best friends, and I watched today as the place I'm moving toward easily could have been washed away.

The coming weeks are sure to be challenging, but I am excited about living in a neighborhood. Growing up in rural South Carolina and spending summers in Midtown Manhattan revealed two extremes, but neither provided me with the complexity of a neighborhood. College gave me a better idea, as we were very involved in each others' lives, but still the population was largely one demographic. This time, I'll see what it is like to be involved in the lives of neighbors from different backgrounds, socioeconomic levels, races, and ages. An exciting prospect indeed.


Desiree Michelle said...

first of all: this looks like an awesome area to live... i definitely want to come see it.
secondly: it won't be easy...but God tends to call us to places out of our comfort zone to use us in ways we can't even imagine :)

see you soon!

Sarah said...

Welcome to New Orleans! You are going to love this city!