Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer Reads

This was most of my summer reading this year:

-Prince Caspian C.S. Lewis
-Come Help Change the World Bill Bright
Campus Crusade for Christ's founder telling the story of the organization
-A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future Daniel Pink
Highly recommended reading for creatives or those seeking to understand them
-Walt Disney: An American Original Bob Thomas
-Gilead Marilynne Robinson
Pulitzer winning novel - a letter from a father to a son. Sure to be read again.
-The Reason for God: Belief in An Age of Skepticism Tim Keller
Addresses arguments against belief in a concise yet conversational tone
-Mr. Adams's Last Crusade Joseph Wheelan
Explores the fascinating post-presidential life of John Qunicy Adams
-Dearest Friend: A Life of Abigail Adams Lynne Whithey
Detailed biography of a tireless patriot, mother, and wife.
-Return Flight Bob Lupton
Community Development Through Reneighboring Our Cities
-Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Call Andy Crouch


Courtney Vaughan said...

comments, criticism? which was your favorite?! I read (most of) the Walt Disney book by Bob Thomas but I like his 'Art of Animation' better...

was your trip to New Orleans postponed? i hope you're safe and happy! turns out i might be able to visit you during spring break! nothing for sure, though.

Stephen Crotts said...

Well, it was all worth reading...but favorites, hmmm.

A Whole New Mind - I almost want to call this book 'important'...whatever that means. It's a Mako favorite.

Gilead - very quotable and refreshing.

The Reason for God - a big help in thinking critically and logically about belief.

Culture Making - just started it, but I think it's going to be a good one. It seems very suitable for someone who's been involved in the art/faith/culture discussion for a while. It seems a lot more specific than some of the books on this topic (as you know, this discussion can be kind of blurry sometimes).

New Orleans is on hold for about another week.