Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Regrowing Community

This is for a symposium on community & gardening in the wonderful city of New Orleans.  The event is sponsored by the good folks with the Renaissance Project & the Downtown Neighborhood Market Consortium

If you're in New Orleans, visit the Upper 9th Ward Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 1-4 at Frederick Douglass High School on St. Claude.  


Daniel said...

see, hand-done type makes everything better.

emily said...

love it. see buddy, you can still do new orleans without being here. amazing!

now....it's a little weird that i'm learning about this symposium from you, in south carolina, even though i live about 2 blocks from the farmer's market. hm.

RJ said...

Hey Stephen, my name is Rick. I'm a friend of Kirk Irwin. He mentioned to me that you are the person who made his profile picture on Facebook, and I must say, Well done!

I like the work you've posted on this blog--particularly the "Finished" poster.

Hope all is well.

Bryan said...

Hi Stephen. I've added your blog to my list, so I can keep track of it. Great stuff!