Thursday, September 6, 2012

Barbecued Meats Every Day

After a few months, I got to spend some more time with Dan the Pig Man and finish off one side of his food truck - just in time for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, where he was one of the only local food trucks that made it in.

The truck art was mentioned in an Associated Press piece:

Huntley's truck was hard for passersby to miss, with its painting of the barbecue regions of the Carolinas (Charlotte is in the tomato sauce zone, vinegar is to the east and mustard to the south) and a caricature of him holding cleavers in both hands. 
 It was the truck and the name that stopped Rob Ryland, chairman of the Democratic Party in Bastrop County, Texas. The lines inside the arena that's hosting convention events were too long, and he was looking for some local flavor. The $12 sandwich with Huntley's Carolina Pig Pucker sauce hit the spot.
"I saw that truck and I figured, you can't go wrong with a guy with a name like Dan the Pig Man," Ryland said.